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How We Started

In the beginning, Elden was synonymous with custom draperies, still one of our product offerings. But through the years, the function and aesthetics behind window treatments has evolved, as we have, too. Today, how you live is more than how you look. It's how you perform under every condition life can throw your way. We've experienced an evolution in window treatment thermal efficiency, and taken part in revolutionary performance ideas along the way.

Today, when it comes to balancing thermal efficiency and aesthetic beauty based on your space design, few can match Elden's commitment to creating window treatments that are right for you.

It's Not About Us. It's About You.

We're A Family Business. Our Family Serving Yours.

The sole business of Elden is to help you capture how you want to see your world, and the way you want the world to see you. It's always been our viewpoint that window treatments are a personal choice when it comes to space accentuation, and, as a result, you want a personal relationship with your provider.

We were founded more than 40 years ago on this very principle to provide you with a personal touch in window treatment choice and service. Our family serving yours.

Why Elden

From The First Handshake To The Finishing Touches.

Elden Makes Your Selection Simple.

Making your life and your choice of lifestyle living simple is what sets Elden apart from the other window treatment manufacturers. We don't just create products; we create lasting relationships from the first handshake through the finishing touches.

Beyond our four areas of expertise in draperies, blinds, shades and shutters, our customers have chosen Elden for four distinct reasons:


Before, during and after the sale, our service is unmatched. Family-to-family, owner-to-owner personal relationship makes us unique.


We work with a sense of urgency on every order yours and at a pace that exceeds identified expectations in response and delivery.


We're all about style from the products we make to the promises we keep our style is to match your lifestyle needs.


We continually scour the industry to make sure we consistently provide a broad choice of high-quality, trend-relevant treatments at a great value

Paul and Nancy

Temperance, Mi.

When we decided to build our new home we chose Elden Draperies to do our window treatments. One reason was because they are a local family owned business. The company also has a great reputation for customer satisfaction and we had seen some of their blinds in other homes. We knew the blinds would be nice so we did not expect any surprises. But surprised we were; the window blinds were gorgeous and added a depth and dimension to accent our home. Their installer was courteous and extremely professional. I would highly recommend using Elden for all your window treatment needs.

Lindsay Hall


I have used Elden Draperies for two homes and an office. I could not be happier with this company. The salesman is prompt, friendly, knowledgeable and excited about what he can offer you. He knew exactly what product to use to make each of my homes and office look amazing. The installer has always been on time and prepared. He is an asset to the company, and is able to end each sale perfectly. I receive many compliments on my window treatments, and have recommended Elden Draperies to friends and clients. They are able to make any window look wonderful from the inside out!

To Elden, simple means thinking every project through for you to the last detail.

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