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Are you seeking a window or door treatment that’s versatile, functional AND beautiful? With ADOwrap®, you can have both elegance and privacy with a tailored look found only on your professionally designed windows.

The ADOwrap® features vanes of vertical blinds which are “slipcovered” with continuous ADO seamless fabric using ADO’s drapery snap tape. Vertical blind hardware is used to tilt, open and close the ADOwrap® Complete.

Maintenance is a breeze with ADOwrap®. Just unsnap it, machine-wash it, reattach it to the vanes, and you’re back in style. And like all ADO draperies, ADOwrap® is guaranteed colorfast, washable and dimensionally stable for five years.

Why ADOwrap®?

  • ADOfabrics are guaranteed not to shrink, stretch or fade
  • ADOwrap® Complete headrail system comes with a limited lifetime warranty
  • Available in a variety of vertical vane colors including white, ivory, alabaster, white translucent and alabaster translucent
  • Comes in a wide variety of drapery fabric designs and colors
  • Comes with a child safety cord
  • Available with an optional faux wood valance in white or ivory, or
  • Available with an optional “reeded” wood rod with valance options in black, bronze, mahogany, walnut and white
  • Has an exclusive ADO Eurohem with a weighted bottom for a perfect finish
  • Made of easy to remove, washable fabric that can be re-hung to dry in place
  • Offers one-way or split draw availability with an easy-to-install headrail
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